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We are a small business with an enterprise-level background. We are focused on network security and information assurance. Our goal is to provide organizations with an understanding of their network’s potential issues as well as to ensure it functions effectively and with the most current best practices.

With decades of experience, we are taking this knowledge to smaller organizations that may not be able to afford the same kind of experience as larger corporations. Regardless, all businesses are still in need of the same set of security controls and protections. At Duffy Consulting, we understand that you are not in the security business. We want you to concentrate on what your business does. Allow us to help you excel in that process through enabling your systems to function faster and more securely.

Shawn Duffy, President

Shawn Duffy, President

DCS President and CEO Shawn Duffy has been involved in the IT security industry since the moment he left college back in 1992. In one of his first roles, he became the lead administrator in support of an environment containing 250 remote sites. He has worked with some of the very first firewall appliances and built some of the first Access Control Lists (ACLs) even before many network devices had the capability.

Shawn Duffy has a proven track record with extensive experience in leading and supporting Information Assurance and System Security programs. His focus is network and information security. He has experience in sales, security engineering, and as a contributor with large contractors such as Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics in risk and vulnerability management and government compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA. He is a self-starter and motivated by customer needs and requirements.

“I believe every business should be as knowledgeable about their systems as possible. Whether you are looking to validate the work of your IT staff or just looking to augment their capabilities, we want to be a part of your solution as trusted consultants. Risk is not about which products you choose to protect your network, it is about your resistance to exposure.” – Shawn Duffy, President, Duffy Consulting Services, LLC.

Our Experience:


  • IT Service Companies
  • Frederick Healthcare Provider


  • Trucking Supply Store
  • Electric Car Charging Provider
  • Large Entertainment Company
  • IT Service Companies


  • Risk and Compliance Assessments
  • Compliance with HIPAA Security Rule
  • Compliance with Protecting CUI
  • Compliance with Cybersecurity Framework